Bentley Hotel Suites at the St. Regis

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Would you rather buy a new Continental GT, or spend 18 nights in one of these swanky hotel rooms?

The interior of a Bentley is a nice place to pass your time. Sadly, even for owners of Crewe's finest, you can't spend all your time in a car, as much as you might like to. For those who find that thought too much to bear, the British automaker has teamed up with the St. Regis Hotel in New York on a series of Bentley-themed hotel suites that will offer a Mulsanne-quality cabin, only with more space. Each room encompasses 1,700 square feet of floor space, complete with black leather floor tiles and a sleigh bed made of burled walnut.

The collaboration is only the latest in a series of joint projects between Bentley and Starwood Hotels that also includes vehicle launches and special driving events. Flying Spur sedans have been dispatched to St. Regis hotels around the world, but those renting these suites will have access to a Mulsanne for transportation around Manhattan, though only within a ten-block radius of the hotel. So much much will a night set in a Bentley suite at the St. Regis set you back? A cool $9,500 per night. Nobody said the Bentley lifestyle would come cheap. At that rate, you could buy a new Continental GT for the bill you'd run up after 18 nights in the suite.

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