Bentley-Inspired Artwork Heads To Auction

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It's for a good cause.

If you're into Bentleys, you'll most likely be into fine arts, or at least that is what the British carmaker was thinking when it commissioned three artworks inspired by the new Bentayga in November. The fine art and film event showcased the three pieces created by three young artists and was notably more high-brow than Toyota's unveiling of its artsy GR Yaris that paid tribute to crisis workers.

Named "Art in Motion", Bentley's attempt at artistic curatorship follows Mikael B, Laci Jordan, and Ricardo Gonzalez as they draw ideas from the beautiful design work of the Bentayga. The results of this effort are now heading to a charity auction for the promotion of inner-city arts for less privileged youth.


The first artwork to go up for auction will be designer and artist Ricardo Gonzalez's "Light the Way", a typographic work that draws influence from the intelligent LED matrix headlamp technology featured on the Bentayga. It is said that the artist drew inspiration from these lights as it reminded him of his childhood spent growing up in a rural neighborhood.

Second in line is Mikael B's "Afterglow" which takes a more literal approach by directly drawing inspiration from the patterns found in the diamond stitching detail of the Bentayga's interior upholstery.

Last but not least is multidisciplinary designer Laci Jordan's piece "Things I Imagined" which drew inspiration from the haunched lines of the Bentayga's exterior.


All proceeds will go towards funding Inner-City Art's projects. The foundation aims to "engage creative young people in order to shape a society of confident and collaborative individuals," and works closely with those who have limited English proficiency.

While the auction ended on December 20, the final installment of Bentley's film series has been released as part of the event and can be viewed on the Bentley website.

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