Bentley Is Building Supercars: Ferrari You Have Been Warned

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Ferrari and McLaren have some serious competition.

Bentley engineers must have switched from drinking wine and listening to Bach to chugging energy drinks and blasting heavy metal. Long story short, they have gone insane because the boys in Crewe, England, have confirmed that they will bring not one, but two luxury sports cars into fruition as early as next year. The first will be a sport version of the Bentayga, intended to humiliate BMW X6 Ms and AMG branded SUVs. Like the X6 M, the super Bentayga will be more dramatic than the base SUV and will be meant for paved roads and minimal off-road work.


The second car is the most exciting one. The popular reception of the two-seater EXP 10 Speed Six concept has convinced Bentley boss Wolfgang Durheimer to build the car and place it among the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 675 LT. Unlike its competitors, the car will be powered exclusively by electric motors making at least 500 hp. According to Durheimer, things have been going well due to strong sales of the Bentayga, allowing for investment euros to be put towards these insane cars. Excited customers don't have to wait long because both Bentleys will make their debuts next year, possibly even as early as the Geneva Motor Show.

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