Bentley Is Going To Join The Ranks Of The $1 Million Dollar Luxury Car

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Would you spend $1.5 million dollars on something with a cloth top?

There's something that changes in the mind when a person makes a fortune and hundred dollar bills go from being essential for paying the bills to tissue paper. Suddenly, the wealthy individual wants to spend it on all kinds of things, useful or not. Automakers are more than happy to cater to this habit. Now that hypercars have elevated themselves into the stratospheric $1 million dollar-plus price range, other high-end auto brands want in on the cash grab. First was Aston Martin with its ultra-exclusive $1 million dollar Lagonda.

Now, Bentley wants to join the ranks with a $1.5 million dollar vehicle. The project started in 2012 as the Mulsanne convertible, which, as it sounds, is a Bentley Mulsanne minus two doors and a hard roof. It was supposed to sell well, in Mulsanne-like numbers. Then, Bentley had a change of heads and the project was placed on hold by the new boss. Two years later, CEO Wolfgang Durheimer came back to the Bentley helm and renewed the build process for the car. We have to admit that after seeing it in the flesh we think it's a good thing that Bentley is back and trying to build the car. Otherwise we never would have known that the Mulsanne would look so good in convertible guise.

Unfortunately for luxury convertible buyers, time was lost when the project was put on hold and the damage was done. As it stands it is too late now to build the convertible as a high-volume (relative to Bentley's other offerings) production car, but Durheimer is still intent on bringing the car to market. This means that it will be an extremely low-volume car with only 20 copies being made. Each one of these should be snatched up quickly based on the killer looks and high exclusivity alone. While no further plans are being made to extend the convertible's run, Bentley is debuting the car at a perfect time given that the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is being phased out. This makes Bentley the top dog in the ultra-luxe convertible game.

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