Bentley Is Having Trouble Because Too Many People Want To Buy Its SUV


Most automakers would kill for an issue like this.

The world has answered: Bentley's Bentayga couldn't come soon enough. Long before the mud-crawling throne hit dealerships, there was a huge demand for luxury SUVs as the Land Rover Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne proved. At first, the British luxury car manufacturer was only going to produce 3,600 Bentaygas per year, but in a recent interview with Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer, it was disclosed that this wasn't enough because the waiting list had grown to 10,000 pre-orders.


To help please the demanding and affluent buyers, Bentley increased production of the $217,100 Bentayga to 5,500 models this year to meet demand. Much like other manufacturers who produce niche products, Bentley isn't having too hard a time ramping up its facilities for production, but its suppliers are the ones who are having issues playing catch up. As luxury markets in the US and China keep growing, Bentley hopes to have its suppliers up to par so that it can crank out even more Bentaygas than the 5,500 it intends to make this year. If all goes according to plan, expect to see more 600-horsepower W12 SUVs on and off the road within the next few years.

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