Bentley Launches Connectivity System


The new system will offer high level multimedia uses and be deployed in the Mulsanne.

W.O., the legendary founder of Bentley cars, could never have envisaged the day when its press office would issue a press release regarding its new digital system with 'iPads,' 'connectivity,' 'multimedia' and 'theatre' as the main terms of reference to his cars. Of course this doesn't stop Bentley from doing just that as their concept connectivity system, launched at the last Frankfurt show, will make its commercial debut at the Geneva Motor Show later this month.

The system will be installed in the Bentley Mulsanne having been previewed in several special customer events across the globe and receiving a reaction that, according to Bentley, was "immensely encouraging." The Mulsanne Theatre Specification is for the benefit of passengers in the rear of the car. A 15.6-inch HD LED screen hung from the car's ceiling lets passengers enjoy films from a DVD device, television programs and music. Each headrest is equipped with its own 8-inch screen that can be tuned to different entertainment programs, using Bluetooth technology.

An Apple Mac computer is mounted in the trunk and can be used for either business applications or internet surfing. The iPad specification version is made of electrically-deployed veneered picnic tables; at the press of a button twin iPads with wireless keyboards are revealed. The picnic tables are designed so that the keyboards can be easily removed and placed on the user's lap for added comfort.


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