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Bentley Limited Edition Continental Flying Spur by Linley

Bentley will be launching a limited edition Continental Flying Spur by Linley design house solely for the Chinese market.

Bentley has announced a new limited edition Continental Flying Spur that will be produced solely for the Chinese market. This Continental Flying Spur comes courtesy of English design house Linley and it will have a limited production of only 10 units, each with a special interior finish. In addition, the iconic Linley Helix motif will be prominently displayed inside, taken directly from the design house's furniture collection. It will be placed into the waist-rails and picnic table of the car.

And for those who care about high-end furniture design, the Helix pattern is made up of four different types of veneer that contrast with the Santos rosewood. These Linley veneers will be used in the trim throughout the cabin in all of the typical places you'd find wood surfaces. They replace the usual Bentley chestnut or walnut options. Stainless-steel tread-plates will be added in addition to a rhodium-plated plaque that reads Linley on the glove box. Buyers will also be treated to a Linley-branded handbag, luggage tag and cashmere blanket set that comes with each car. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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