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Bentley Looking To Return To Motorsports

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Bentley is looking to make their long-awaited return to motorsports. They just aren't saying where.

When thinking of motorsports, Bentley is not the first brand which most people think of, but Bentley was racing as recently as 2003, when they took home an overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Bentley now has a chief executive, Wolfgang Durheimer, who just happens to also be VW Group's head of motorsports, and he wants Bentley back on the track. He hasn't told us exactly where they will competing, but he did suggest that it would not be at Le Mans.

Porsche is planning a return to Le Mans in 2014, and together with Audi, VW Group will be pretty well represented at La Sarthe as it is. Bentley does have an impressive history at Le Mans, and only a few brands have had more overall wins than Bentley's six. Of course, with ten and sixteen respectively, Audi and Porsche are two such brands. VW has recently dominated the Dakar Rally, and while turning this dominance over to a Bentley-badged vehicle would be a great way to promote the upcoming 2014 Bentley SUV, we should remember that Durgeimer also recently hinted that of VW's brands would make the move to F1.

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Wherever Bentley chooses to race, we are sure that whoever they are up against won't have an easy time of it.