Bentley Mulling More Mulsannes?

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Bentley's CEO indicates that there are three Mulsanne-based concepts awaiting public debut. So what's the hold-up?

Bentley's lineup is essentially made up of two models. But if you look at the full range, things appear a little off-balance: there are numerous versions of the Continental (even if the Flying Spur no longer takes its name), but just one of the Mulsanne. While the former can be had in coupe, convertible and sedan forms, and with several engines, the Mulsanne is the Mulsanne. That, however, could change in the near future. Speaking with CEO Wolfgang Schreiber, Autocar reports that the Bentley has three concepts in the works.


One of them is the convertible version it teased in a series of renderings, but only showed to a select group of clients at Pebble Beach last year. The rest of us have yet to see it. Just what the other two versions are is anyone's guess, but we could be looking at a coupe, wagon, fastback (similar to the Audi A7) or maybe even a four-door convertible "parade car" or partial cabrio like the Maybach Landaulet. Whatever Bentley has in store, we're eager to see them.

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