Bentley Mulsanne Coupe by ARES Modena Is Not Your Average Coachbuild

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Making a four-door a coupe.

The freshly renewed ARES Modena coachbuilding company has come up with a solution if you want a Bentley coupe, but the Continental GT is too cheap, a little too garish, and not luxurious enough for your cross-country runs.

The coachbuilder is taking the four-door Bentley Mulsanne that went out of production in 2020 and turning it into a coupe that radiates pure elegance.

The transformation into a homage to the original iconic Bentley Brooklands is based on a structural transformation that makes room for larger doors and improves on the Mulsanne's aerodynamics. The roofline is more graceful than the original, and the C-pillars are blended into the rear fenders. From the photos, the craftsmanship looks exquisite.
ARES Modena

The coupe keeps the same wheelbase as the sedan version, so the interior is just as spacious, but ARES Modena uses bespoke front seats trimmed to match the rear seats and built to make it easy for rear passengers to get in and out.

To fit new, larger doors, the center pillar has to be moved back, and there are fresh chrome surrounds for the new windows. As a result of the modifications, ARES Modena claims the coupe version is lighter and has better aerodynamics than the original four-door.

Nothing is removed, so the Bentley Mulsanne Coupe retains the original aluminum, wood, leather, and carbon fiber trim and base materials as well as the 8-inch touchscreen, Satellite radio, and a 14-speaker, six-channel audio system.

ARES Modena
ARES Modena

Nothing is changed in the drivetrain as it's not at all necessary. It features the iconic 6.75-liter twin-turbo V8 making 506 hp and 752 lb-ft of super-smooth torque through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Ride quality and chassis performance come from Bentley's continuous damping control air suspension system. What's added is a set of 22-inch alloy wheels made to ARES Modena specification. The wheels are the perfect update on the older ones, which are starting to look dated.

Along with the pictured coupe, ARES is also offering a Targa configuration that features a sunroof. Both Coupe and Targa are also available in the Sport configuration, which is more powerful and boasts aggressive bits like larger alloys, side skirts, and an air diffuser. Interestingly, official pricing for the coachbuild package was not provided but if you have to ask, well, then you probably couldn't afford one anyway.

ARES Modena
ARES Modena

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