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Bentley Mulsanne Specially Prepped for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Bentley is bringing a special edition out for Her Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth II has been reigning over England for the past 60 years and her Diamond Jubilee celebration is coming up this June. In addition to parades and other celebratory events, quintessential British brand Bentley has decided to roll out 60 unique special edition versions of their Mulsanne, each commemorating a year of her reign. The 2012 Beijing Motor Show, opening tomorrow, will play host to the Diamond Jubilee Edition Bentley Mulsanne's debut.

The model was prepared with help from the automaker's exclusive Mulliner division. It features gold embroidery on the headrests, exquisite leather seating, lambswool rugs, upgraded picnic tables in the rear and a pair of stainless-steel sideplates engraved with the model's unique name. The Bentley Mulsanne special edition will keep its standard 7.75-liter V8 engine, rated at 505hp and 752 lb-ft of torque. It can sprint from 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 184mph. The Diamond Jubilee generally refers to a celebration or anniversary of 75 years.

After Queen Victoria's reclusive lifestyle and unique situation, the celebration was moved up to her 60th anniversary of succession. It has been held every 60 years ever since. Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee between June 2nd and June 5th. The release of the special edition Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee in China marks the opening of the company's new dealership in the country, as it is their largest market. No pricing information has been released as of yet, though for its uniqueness and exclusivity it shouldn't be cheap. Check out the photos in the gallery below and keep an eye out for the Mulsanne as it makes its debut in Beijing this week.

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