Bentley Now Considering LMP1 Car


Bentley seems to be getting more serious about racing, and they want to do it at Le Mans.

Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer had previously expressed a desire to get the brand back into motorsports, but he had indicated that this wouldn't happen for years, and that it probably wouldn't be in endurance racing. Well, it seems that things have changed. Although Durheimer remained noncommittal about a date for their return, he recently indicated that Bentley may very well be returning to Le Mans. He was careful to say it wasn't a sure thing, but it was clearly on his mind.

The race is currently dominated by Bentley's corporate sister company Audi, and Porsche will be making their return in 2014. Audi uses the race series to improve their diesel technology, and Porsche is said to be using the opportunity to make high-performance hybrids more than just something the marketing department says. What role this will leave for Bentley is unclear, but Durheimer suggested that each of the brands "could race in different regions", meaning that the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup would remain Audi's turf.

One or more of the other brands could then race in the American Le Mans Series or possibly elsewhere. Of course, every June the brands would compete with each other at La Sarthe, and what a race that would be.


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