Bentley Offering On-Demand Fuel To Ensure The Rich Never Need To Pump Gas

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Like they pumped their own gas in the first place.

"Has Bentley built the most useless app ever?" Believe it or not we've actually asked that question before. The first time we did so was in reference to an Apple Watch application. Now our query is directed at Filld for Bentley, a new app that lets owners of the coveted English luxury barges order refueling services on-demand. The idea is simple: When a driver notices the gas gauge getting low they open the app and schedule a delivery time. A fuel truck is dispatched and the gas tank is topped off.

The best part of Filld for Bentley is that the driver of the gas truck has remote access to the gas cap, meaning that owners don't even need to be present when the tank is being filled! In its press release describing the service, Bentley called it "the ultimate time-saving luxury" and said its owners would never have to stop or search for a gas station again. Before you freak out and start gathering members of the proletariat to start a revolution there are a few things you need to know. For starters, this isn't an app that Bentley made. The two companies are working together on a trial run, but Filld is its own company and anyone can use its app. It's also got some cash behind it, with Business Insider reporting that it raised $3.25 million in 2015.


We don't know how much Bentley is charging its California owners-the only state where the pilot program is being tested-but Filld's normal pricing scheme isn't bad. They find the three closest gas stations to you and offer the lowest price, plus a service fee they say is usually about $3. Money obviously isn't a huge object to a Bentley owner but we think they'll be happy about the low cost and won't mind the service charge. As bougie as Filld for Bentley seems the reality is that the world of ultra-luxury consumer goods is cutthroat. Brands need to differentiate themselves, and automakers are no different. If Filld for Bentley takes off we could see Rolls-Royce rolling out a similar service. Now if only those Filld drivers wore white gloves and tuxedos…

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