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Bentley Officially Reveals First Hybrid Concept

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Mainly previews technology for the 2017 Bentley SUV.

What sounds harder to grasp: a Bentley SUV, or a Bentley hybrid? Since we will soon have to get used to a combination of the two – with the company's 2017 SUV now officially earmarked as the automaker's first hybrid model – Bentley is softening the blow with this new Mulsanne-based Bentley Hybrid Concept. The concept will be officially unveiled at next week's Beijing Motor Show 2014, but we already have some images and details for you.

Bentley's plug-in system increases power output by up to 25 percent, while offering an emissions reduction of 70 percent. With a 50 kilometer electric-only range, the hybrid system will sit above the Mulsanne's standard W-12 engine. The hybrid is differentiated by copper trim, including cross stitching, switch bezels, instrument finishing and additional elements within the hand-crafted interior. Outside, the headlamps, radiator shell, brake calipers and badges receive the same treatment.

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