Bentley Plans to Double Sales Figures by 2020, Thanks Mainly to SUV Sales

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Because China.

There are many parts of this world where the number of millionaires has seriously outpaced the conditions of the roads. For these millionaires, namely in Russia and China, but also parts of the Middle East to a lesser extent, really low slung exotics are out of the question, and even driving regular sedans through the area's giant potholes is a risky affair. Hence the new popularity of luxury SUVs and crossovers, which many automakers are scrambling to produce.


So popular are these high-riding luxo-boxes that Bentley is now saying that it will be able to go from the 10,120 units sold this year (mostly Continental variants) to 20,000 units annually by 2020, based mostly on sales of the upcoming ultra-luxury SUV. With the new vehicle, tipped to be called Bentayga, hitting the market for 2016, it is also estimated that sales will reach 15,000 units by 2018. That's quite an increase in a pretty short period of time, but there's no doubt that China in particular is quite a huge factor in the luxury car market, and we have no reason to doubt Bentley's predictions, no matter how optimistic they seem.

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