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Bentley Pushes Luxury To The Extreme With New Exclusive Ice Event

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Power On Ice.

In 2011, British auto manufacturer Bentley Motors shocked the world when it took the Continental Supersports Convertible down to the Bay of Bothnia in Finland to set a new world record on ice. Well, it would now seem as if Bentley is back at it again with its upcoming "Power on Ice" event that will see all of the latest Bentley models hitting the icy Finnish tundra for a second time. However, this time around the driving will be done by lucky guests who will receive expert training from Bentley's professional Ice Driving Team.

In addition to participating in the most high-end ice driving course in the world, guests will stay in a luxurious lodge that features an ice bar and exquisite fireside dining. Check out Bentley's new promotion for the luxury ice driving event in this awesome video.

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