Get In The Holiday Spirit With Bentley's Version of 'The Nutcracker'

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The "band" behind it is actually Bentley's very own factory.

Bentley is feeling festive for the holidays, and to celebrate it has released its own version of the Nutcracker; the catch being that this version doesn't employ musicians, instead opting for the creative sounds of the Bentley workshop to recreate the song along the luxury assembly line.

The video introduces us to Bentley's "band of talented artisans." It appears to follow the Flying Spur assembly line as a Bentley Flying Spur and Flying Spur Hybrid appear during various parts of the video. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like these models will be made into Santa's sleigh as the company did in 2020, but at least we're greeted with a festive shade of red.

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At first, we're greeted with birds singing as the video takes us on an overview of the factory's solar panels early in the morning. You're then greeted by a Christmas cup full of tea that gets things rolling as you're then taken through the early bits of production, like workers sewing together seats, cutting through leather, and machining parts of engines along the line.

Many different artisans are then humming, tapping, drilling, and laughing away to add a percussive cadence to keep the song moving along. As the song progresses, the day progresses, and we see people taking a break for lunch and a cup of tea, as the cars inch closer and closer to the final assembly. It's a fun and unique way of not only taking on a holiday classic but also slyly showing how much work actually goes into the cars before they roll off the line.

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The company also reached out for comment from Mr. S.C. Lause, Director of Elves, Northern Europe who said, "When you walk around the factory it's not just what you see, it's what you hear that is so distinctive. So, it occurred to me that creating the Bentley Orchestra would be a unique way to celebrate the extraordinary skills of Bentley craftspeople as well as showcase their modern sustainable future."

It's a fun little way to ring in the holidays, and we can't help but think that this song would feel even more at home being played on the company's superb Naim Audio System. Then maybe Bentley can make a whole festive playlist to soundtrack your drive this time of year as you're dashing through the snow in a 650-horse-open Continental GT Convertible. You know, jingling all the way.

When we reached out to Mr. S.C. Lause, we were unfortunately met with an auto-reply email that stated he was very busy this time of year and to expect a reply sometime after the 25th.

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