Bentley Reportedly Preparing for SUV Production

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Employee reveals to local paper that Bentley's EXP 9 F concept is confirmed for production.

A local newspaper in England has unwittingly revealed some pretty major news: the new Bentley SUV will soon enter production. The Sentinel was reporting on frustrations felt by employees at Bentley's assembly plant in Crewe over an extended summer shutdown. Dismissing rumors that Bentley was running out of Continental body shells, a spokesman reportedly revealed that the closure was to "enable a number of facility changes in preparation for future productivity increases."

The question is, for what model is Bentley increasing production? According to an anonymous unnamed Bentley employee, management has informed its workforce that their jobs were guaranteed for another 14 years as the new SUV was going into production. Last we had heard, the higher-ups at Volkswagen headquarters had yet to make their decision on the Bentley SUV's production prospects, but they appear to have made their call. The EXP 9 F concept was unveiled to mixed reviews at the Geneva Motor Show this past March. The production model is expected to get a new name and a revised design when it hits the market.

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