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Bentley Reveals World's Most Advanced In-Car WiFi

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The system can draw signals from up to three mobile networks at a time.

Luxury isn't just about rich leather and plush carpets these days. It means cutting-edge on-board technologies as well. And Bentley knows that at least as well as any other automaker, which (we gather) is why it's rolled out what could be the most advanced connectivity system in the business.

Billed as "the world's first super-fast, reliable and secure in-car WiFi system," the new Bentley Advanced Connectivity system allows occupants to stay connected at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, accessing entertainment and business applications alike.

That includes Bentley Skype for Business for secure video conferencing, as well as high-definition streamed media for the viewing and listening pleasure of all those on board.

Developed with Viasat and housed in the trunk of the vehicle, the system uses a multi-channel virtual private network that can aggregate from up to three different mobile network operators for uninterrupted connection, even at highway speeds. That could make the difference between making that online meeting or having to miss out while on the road – of potentially particular importance for those who've worked to afford their Bentley, instead of inherited their fortune.

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Bentley says it will offer the system on all its vehicles starting next year. The British automaker currently offers the Continental GT coupe (with a new convertible expected soon to follow), the Flying Spur sedan (based on the same and soon to be replaced), the Bentayga (its first crossover SUV), and the Mulsanne limousine. No word on pricing or specific-market availability, but considering the $200-350k for which its vehicles typically sell, we doubt many customers would bat an eye at shelling out for the added tech.