Bentley's Beautiful Coupe Concept Might Have A Name: How Does 'Barnato' Sound?

We think the name is fine so long as doesn't belong to an SUV.

Bentley still hasn’t confirmed whether or not the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept will see production. That does not sit well with us, but a new report from Auto Express has brightened our spirits some. Apparently Bentley filed a trademark for the names "Barnato" and "Bentayga" two years ago. Barnato is the last name of Woolf Barnato, a three-time Le Mans winner (he only ran the race three times) and the former chairman of Bentley. Barnato is a name associated with racing, so it makes sense that it would belong on a sporty car.

But automakers trademark names all the time, so the fact that Bentley has protected the name Barnato doesn’t necessarily mean it will build the EXP 10 Speed 6. It would make sense for the concept to get that name, though. However, we’ve already been asked to imagine the coupe as a two-door SUV, this request coming courtesy of Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer. So Barnato could become a sporty SUV or a luxurious grand tourer. We’re obviously pulling for the latter, and our opinion on the Barnato name could hinge upon which car it ends up on, if it’s even used at all.

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