Bentley's Newest Concept Interior Features A Holographic Butler

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Bentley's usually have gorgeous interiors, so why did they make this?

Things change very fast in the automotive industry. Like all automakers, Bentley wants to prove that whatever direction the industry goes in the future it'll be leading the way, at least when it comes to leathery luxury cars for the 1%. In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Bentley's new design head, Stefan Sielaff, introduced a design study that proves the automaker is thinking forward, at least when it comes to interiors. Interestingly enough, Bentley's interior of the future is less car and more luxury pod. You'll see what we mean.

It features two plush couches facing each other (without seat belts so these pods might be self-driving), a table in the center and a nice cabin with quilted leather. The designers snuck in a scary looking holographic butler that will presumably make dinner reservations and reassure passengers of their status by addressing them in a subservient tone. For any car-lover, the problems begin with the seats. Gone are the bolstered chairs that can massage your back and simultaneously hold you upright in the middle of a corner. In their place are lounge chairs from a Victorian smoking room, which are fine in a Victorian smoking room but not a car.

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We think an interior like the one in the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, or in the Mulsanne Grand Limousine, would suit Bentley's future cars better. Either way, the British automaker should just keep selling cars and not mobile luxury living rooms in a pod.

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