Bentley's Special Continental GT For Down Under Is Menacing

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And is forbidden fruit we can't have.

At this week's Australian Grand Prix, Bentley launched an extremely limited run of a special edition that it's calling the Continental GT Black Speed. Only 10 units of the menacing luxury coupe will me made and, as one would expect, Bentley is charging an insane amount for the vehicle. Priced at roughly $399,630 the special edition isn't cheap, but adding the carbon ceramic brake package from the Continental GT3-R bumps the price up to roughly $456,720. Without the conversion, it's even more expensive in Australia.

Based on the Continental GT Speed, the Black Speed gets some bespoke touches from the automaker's Mulliner arm. The exterior of the coupe receives side skirts that are finished in red, which can also be found on the front grille, rear diffuser and hand-painted pinstripe that follows the curves of the coupe. It also features 21-inch alloy wheels (a Bentley first) finished in gloss black. The exterior changes have definitely given the luxury coupe a more sinister look, which continue on the inside. There are embroidered seats and door trim, while the "Engine Spin" aluminum trim is finished in a unique red color. The interior also has red highlights on the bespoke Breitling clock and hand-stitched steering wheel.

The special edition has been created for the New Zealand and Australian markets and is a sportier take on the Continental GT. The move to a sportier model, according to Bentley's Asia-Pacific sales manager David Simpson, is something that stems from customer feedback. "We talked to some of our customers last year at the Grand Prix about doing something bespoke for Australia, something unique for this market," Simpson told Australia's CarAdvice. "In the past, we had the Concourse edition, where we blacked-out all the chrome and did a black finish for the first time on one of our cars, that was extremely popular in Australia. People want the aggressive version of the manufacturer car." The car goes on sale this week and should sell out soon.

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