Bentley's Weird Face Scanning App Will Make You A Perfect Custom Car

Creepy but awesome!

Bentley Motors is one of the top car manufacturers in the world when it comes to building luxury bespoke vehicles according to customer preferences. The British auto maker has quite simply mastered the craft of meeting its clients’ particular demands. However, it would now seem as if Bentley is taking bespoke auto personalization to an entirely new level with the release of its brand new “Inspirator” car configurator. The free downloadable app uses your phone’s front-facing camera to scan your face and emotions in real time.

After analyzing your face it creates a perfect custom vehicle for you. Currently only the new Bentayga crossover is available in the application, but Bentley plans to add additional vehicles to its Inspirator soon. Some might think this is a little creepy, but we think it’s downright awesome.

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