Bentley Safe Even More Extravagant than Bugatti Buckle?

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We didn't think that was possible.

It seems to us that people who reach a certain level of wealth quickly tire of buying outrageously expensive material goods. We are talking about the person who buys a million dollar Bugatti because it's a Tuesday. Somewhere along the lines a level of ostentatiousness sets in. Consumerism becomes boring and the individual starts looking for unique items to spend their money on. Ultra high-end manufacturers like Stockinger Safes build products aiming to fuel that need.

Recently they teamed up with Bentley to produce a line of watch safes that starts at $100,000. The Bentley safe offers the highest quality materials, finish, and in addition to Bentley labeling, a custom plaque is dedicated to each buyer. The safe also has the option of built-in watch winding. So yeah, there's that. Like the Bugatti belt buckle that costs $85,000, we can't wrap our heads around a safe for watches that would cost the same amount as a brand new Nissan GT-R. Then again we trust that for that kind of scratch, Mr. Uther Pendragon is acquiring the best money can buy, and that the items stored within will be more expensive than the cars we drive.

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