Bentley Sends EXP 9 F Back to the Drawing Board

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New chief executive and head designer at Bentley keen on redesigning the controversial EXP 9 F.

When Bentley unveiled the EXP 9 F concept at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, it wasn't exactly greeted with a warm reception. The controversy revolved primarily around its styling, which too closely followed that of a Range Rover in the back, and some bizarre take on a Mulsanne at the front. That, however, was when Wolfgang Durheimer was still the head of Bentley and Dirk van Braeckel was its head of design.

Both have since, however, been moved to different positions within the Volkswagen group, and their successors are reportedly intent on sending the design (quite literally) back to the drawing board before it hits showrooms. Bentley's new chief executive Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber was quoted as saying that the redesign will be less focused on Chinese tastes, and less derivative of a Range Rover. Expect the final design, then, to be more unique and more Bentley-like in its overall design. That is, assuming the higher-ups at Volkswagen approve the project for production. The auto giant is said to be evaluating the production prospects for both the EXP 9 F and the Lamborghini Urus.

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