Bentley SUV to be Called Falcon?

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The EXP 9 F name will be dropped before Bentley's SUV reaches production. But what will it be called when it hits showrooms?

When Bentley unveiled its SUV concept at the Geneva Motor Show last March, it carried the EXP 9 F moniker. But those first letters are shorthand for "experimental", as in experimental prototype. The production version, we all knew, would carry a more dynamic nameplate when it reaches customers. But just what would that name be? According to the latest reports, the finished product will be called Falcon. Unlike Mulsanne or Continental, the Falcon name isn't one that Bentley has pulled from its archives.

But that doesn't mean that the Flying B marque has pulled the name out of thin air, either. The F in EXP 9 F has apparently stood for Falcon the whole time, hinting at the production nameplate right under our nose. What's more is that Bentley alluded to the name in unveiling the concept in the first place, with a presentation speech that referenced the affluent hobby of falconry that left the gathered members of the press scratching their heads at the time. In retrospect, however, the reference may indeed make perfect sense. The vehicle is expected to be undergoing a redesign after the concept was met with a lukewarm reaction.

Bentley is still reportedly waiting for its parents at Volkswagen to give the project the green light for production. Other projects like the convertible version of the Mulsanne (tipped to revive the Azure name) are also awaiting approval, as are the Lamborghini Urus and Bugatti Galibier projects. So what do you think, is Falcon a fitting name for the Bentley SUV, or should it instead revive a dormant nameplate like Arnage, or possibly another name like Crewe (in reference to the company's home base)?

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