TEASED: Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bentley Mulliner Batur For Monterey Reveal

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The Bentley Bacalar successor looks equally as pretty.

  • Bentley teases new Mulliner Batur
  • Batur features new Bentley design language
  • Powered by a W12 engine

Monterey Car Week has begun, so prepare to see a slew of Bentley products as the company has brought 103 cars to display for its 103rd anniversary. Last week, Bentley teased its twelve-cylinder reveal, a two-door coupe model called the Batur. Built by the Mulliner Division, the Batur acts as the successor for the Bentley Bacalar, which recently ended its limited edition 12-car run. Judging from the teasers we've seen so far, it's going to be quite a stunner.

Bentley says the Batur is far more than a Bacalar replacement; it acts as a preview for the company's future design language under Director of Design Andreas Mindt. This new language will be applied to Bentley's upcoming Battery Electric Vehicles, the first of which will arrive in 2025. Keep in mind, Bentley's CEO previously said the EV would be delayed until 2026, so 2025 is likely the reveal date.


The name 'Batur' is taken from Lake Batur, a 289-foot-deep crater lake in Bali, Indonesia. Bentley says the car's design will feature "new, cleaner forms that rely on the use of contrast to provide definition." The previous teaser for the car showed a conventional grille with reddish accents, though every surface of the car can be tailored for the owner. In fact, Bentley will offer materials such as natural fiber, low-CO2 leather, and 3D printed 18K gold.

No photos or information has been teased about the interior, but we expect it will be heavily based on the Continental GT with unique trims and surfaces.

We aren't too surprised to see a conventional grille, considering the Batur's design will later be applied to EVs, because this car will still have a combustion engine. Specifically, the Batur will use Bentley's legendary 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12. The power output is still unconfirmed, but we suspect it will be close to the Bacalar, which produced 650 horsepower. Bentley says the W12 power will be accompanied by its "most advanced chassis system ever."

We also expect the Batur to be close to the Bacalar's $2 million price tag, and 12-unit run, meaning only the one-percenters can afford one. Bentley will reveal the car on Saturday, August 21 at 11 PM EST.

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