Bentley Teases New SUV

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Take a look at the "world's first luxury SUV."

Bentley has provided a first look at its upcoming SUV, which the carmaker has confirmed will arrive in 2016 carrying a price tag of over £140,000. It's not the most revealing of images, but it does show Bentley has ditched the massive single headlight design of the 2012 EXP 9 F concept in favor of a front end borrowed from the Flying Spur, with its two-part headlights and rounded nose. Bentley Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Screiber said the 4x4 "will create a completely new segment in the SUV market" as "the world's first luxury SUV."


Land Rover and Porsche may have something to say about that, but Bentley insists its base offering will be above anything else currently on the market. Bentley expects to sell around 3,500 SUVs annually, boosting yearly sales to 15,000 cars by 2018. The carmaker revealed it has already received 2,000 pre-orders for the SUV without customers knowing what it will look like or cost. Last year was a record for the Crewe company selling over 10,000 cars and raking in an operating profit of £139.7 million. The as-yet-unnamed SUV will come with V8 and W12 engines at launch, followed by a petrol-electric hybrid variant in 2017.

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