Bentley to Return to Coachbuilding?

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When customers have lots of money to spend, it's important to satisfy them.

There was a time, long ago, when Bentley was one of the world's finest (and very few) coachbuilders. Yeah, that was back in the 1920s or so. Since then, Bentley has retained the art and skill of hand-crafting materials for its cars, but coachbuilding hasn't been a part of its mainstream business for decades. That may soon change. According to Autocar, Bentley's sales and marketing chief, Kevin Rose, "loves the idea" of the company returning to its coachbuilding roots.

As we all know, Bentley is an uber luxury brand and its current crop of customers demand the best. A modern day coachbuilding program will only satisfy them (and future buyers) even more. "History repeats itself," according Rose. "If you go back to Bentley's early days, we built chassis which customers then took and said 'I want this bodywork on top.' It was haute couture for cars and I love that idea." Building even further on Bentley's existing personal commissioning department could perhaps be the best way forward here, but nothing has been finalized just yet.

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