Bentley To Reveal 5 New EVs Over 5 Years

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The push towards electrification is gaining momentum in Crewe.

Bentley recently announced that it would be building luxury apartments in Miami as part of its efforts to diversify revenue streams, but its focus remains on cars, and those cars need to go electric if the British automaker is to have a future. The brand is expected to launch an electric SUV in 2025 with the goal of being fully electric by 2030. To achieve such a goal, Bentley must lay the groundwork now, and that is why it has just announced that it will be launching a new electric vehicle every year from 2025 to 2030 as part of its new Five-in-Five plan.

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This is the next step in a broader strategy called Beyond100 that the marque began implementing a couple of years back. To help this strategy achieve results, Bentley has announced a £2.5 billion (a little more than $3.35 billion) sustainable investment and confirmed that its first electric vehicle will be designed, developed, and produced at its headquarters in Crewe, England.

As part of this, the luxury brand is aiming to increase the number of solar panels it uses from 30,000 to 40,000 in the next two years. Sustainable biofuel is being investigated for use in fleet cars, including the Heritage Collection. But more must be done, so Bentley is also encouraging its partners to support the company's goal of being end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030. Its dealer network will join this initiative, each of these aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025 or sooner.

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For the record, Bentley already achieved carbon neutral production at Crewe in 2019, but it wants to make a bigger dent in the ecology problem by reducing water consumption, waste to landfill, and other environmental impacts to an absolute minimum. On a more public front, this year will see the release of the Flying Spur PHEV, along with five additional derivatives. Bentley anticipates that more than a fifth of its sales this year will come from hybrids, so introducing more such models makes sense.

Bentley's CEO Adrian Hallmark summed up the motivation for this acceleration in cleaning up the brand's act as follows: "This latest announcement regarding Bentley's Beyon100 plan confirms the initiation of a major transformative phase in the company's long and illustrious history. The world is changing and we need to play our part in neutralizing our environmental impact. That means delivering on our aim to be end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030, and reaffirming our role as the leader in sustainable luxury mobility."


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