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Bentley Updates Continental GT Family and Flying Spur

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Design upgrades coupled with boost in power.

Just in time for the Geneva Motor Show, Bentley has unveiled a suite of upgrades for the Continental GT family and a host of new features for the Flying Spur. Apparently Bentley thinks the Continental GT needs more "on-road presence" and "a more assertive and confident stance" so has given the Grand Tourer a new front bumper, a smaller grille and more pronounced front fenders. These now feature a vent and metallic "B" adornment, while the GT Speed's bright chrome badges have been applied to the V8 S and W12 models.

At the rear, a more sculpted boot lid is joined by a reshaped and wider bumper that now boasts full-width brightware, and the V8 S and GT Speed get a new rear diffuser design. Other aesthetic upgrades include a range of new 20- and 21-inch alloys, and new body paint colors of Marlin (metallic blue), Camel and Jetstream (bright metallic blue). Outputs on the W12 engine has increased from 575 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque to 590 hp and 531 lb-ft, coupled with five percent efficiency gains. The GT W12 also receives a variable displacement system that allows the engine to run on six of its twelve cylinders for better fuel consumption.

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Inside, a new "more ergonomic and sports-oriented" steering wheel gets larger paddle shifters, there's a wider choice of leathers and Alcantara to choose from, as well as new dials and graphics on the instrument panel, new black gear lever surround and a more decorative center console. Changes to the four-door Flying Spur are relatively limited and include new 20-inch wheels, an updated interior, an onboard WiFi hotspot system, and a more efficient 625-hp W12 engine boasts an increased range and lower emissions.