Bentley V8 Limited Edition Watch by Breitling

This beautifully sculpted watch is another fine example of how watchmakers and automakers make excellent partners.

As the official watchmaking partner of Bentley Motors, Breitling systematically churn out watches for certain models with this particular timepiece representing their latest creation. Built especially for the V8-powered GT and GTC, the watch is called 'Breitling for Bentley GMT V8' and is just as ostentatious as the car it represents with a big chromed bezel affording wearers the requisite amount of bling.The superior timepiece is also limited to 250 units.

The watch is self-winding and there's an ingenious multiple timezone display. A large triangle-tipped hour hand also completes a single rotation every 24 hours, mirroring the rotation of the globe. As for the price, well at $10,590 it may be a fraction of the cost of the Bentley but it's still an investment reserved for the rich and privileged.

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