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Bentley Wants Everyone To Experience Its Latest Stunning Concept

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Now (almost) anyone can feel like a Bentley owner.

2019 is Bentley's 100th anniversary and the company celebrated in the only way it knows how - by building a stunning luxury car. The EXP 100 GT Concept is Bentley's most daring design yet and the company says the concept is meant to envision what a grand tourer could look like in 2035. Bentley envisions an all-electric drivetrain with four electric motors, culminating in a 0-60 time of under 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph.

Since the EXP 100 GT is just a concept car, it is very unlikely that many people outside of Bentley will ever have a chance to sit in it or drive it. That is why Bentley has created a new augmented reality experience application that will allow everyone to explore its latest creation.

Well, when we say everyone, we do mean iPhone users because the app is only available on Apple devices - sorry Android users. The Bentley 100 AR app uses a printable QR code to create an augmented reality view (pictured above) of the EXP 100 GT. Users of the app can explore the car, both inside and out, and marvel at the beautifully crafted interior. Select Bentley dealerships will even have a life-size AR booth, which will show off the car in full scale. This life-size experience also includes guided narration by Bentley’s design team members, JP Gregory, and Brett Boydell.

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Automakers are often criticized for building concept cars that never reach production and are rarely shown off aside from a few auto show stages. By building this new AR app, Bentley has ensured the EXP 100 GT will have some staying power in people's minds, more than most run-of-the-mill concept cars. It will be a while before we see anything like the EXP 100 GT out on the road but at least we can see it on our phones and tablets.