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Bentley Wants its SUV to Hit 200 MPH

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This is going to be ridiculous, but you won't find us complaining.

Bentley will soon unveil its highly anticipated SUV, which will go on sale for the 2016 model year. The original idea was to build a production version of the EXP 9 F, which was first unveiled at Geneva in 2012. Only thing was, nobody liked it, at least those with the cash to potentially buy one. A complete redesign was ordered and the result is coming soon. Bentley is still being secretive on the details, but Autocar is claiming the SUV's new design "is driven by a desire for a 200 mph top speed."

Bentley wants this thing to fit right in there with the rest of its sedan and coupe lineup. But an SUV – any SUV – that can hit 200 mph? How can something like that be achieved? Compared to the ill-received concept, Bentley has lowered the production version's roofline, smoothed off the rear-end styling for a more slippery shape, and given extra special attention to underbody aerodynamics. For example, that lowered roofline will help to compensate for the vehicle's wide stance. Bentley also wants its first SUV to be just that: an SUV that can go off-road, so it'll be interesting to see how the automaker balances that with on-road luxury. We'll have our answer possibly this September at the Paris Motor Show.

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