Bentley Wants To Turn This Ultra-Sexy Coupe Into An SUV


SUV all the things.

Bentley still hasn't launched its first SUV yet and already it wants another. The Bentayga should start popping up on the roads of affluent suburbs in a few months, but in the meantime plans are being made for a sportier version. Automotive News has the scoop on the "so-called Bentayga sport coupe." Stylistically the new SUV would be based on the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept that stunned the crowd at Geneva last year. However, that car still hasn't officially been given the production green light.

Handout, Bentley

Now just because an announcement hasn't been made about the sexy Bentley sports coupe doesn't mean its future is shrouded in mystery. In speaking with Automotive News, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer basically spoke of the car as if it was already headed to production. "Imagine the EXP 10 as an SUV. It doesn't look 'old Bentley.'" You don't start imagining a concept car as a production SUV if the former isn't headed to production. The Volkswagen Group will reportedly decide the fate of both the Bentayga sport coupe and EXP 10 Speed 6 later in 2016. One thing that might stop these two vehicles from getting started is development costs. The Bentayga was a pricey vehicle to develop with a total price tag of $1 billion.

Two new models, even models based on shared platforms, would add more costs to Bentley's books. But as you'd expect Duerheimer sees the cost of developing and selling the Bentayga from a glass half full perspective. "The Bentayga doesn't stop us from dreaming and looking down the road," Duerheimer said of the planned sport coupe. "The more success we have with it, the more we can take the best of it and run with it." If Bentley's sporty SUV has the Bentayga's engine-a twin-turbo W12 rated at 600 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque-then it should be one hell of a drive. But first things first: Let's get that Speed 6 out on the road, yeah?

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