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Bentley Wants You To Race A Train In This Limited Edition Mulsanne Speed

It's not as crazy an idea as it sounds.

You need to be a pretty big history buff to guess what inspired the creation of the Bentley Mulsanne Speed Blue Train. This special edition was built by Mulliner, the automaker’s in-house custom creation shop, so you know it’s a big deal. Only four will be built, and each one will celebrate Captain Woolf Barnato’s win over the Blue Line, a luxury French train that ferried passengers from the French Riviera to Calais, France. That was going to be your guess, right?

As the story goes, the Captain had beaten the train in previous races, but this time he bet that he could beat it to his club in London before the train even made it to Calais. Despite a flat tire suffered near Paris, the brash Bentley Motors chairman was able to win his bet by a full four minutes. The Mulsanne Speed Blue Train pays honor to the historic Bentley Speed Six that won the race with a veneer image of the car on the special edition’s dashboard. Its grille is also styled after the classic’s. The new Mulsanne Speed can hit 190 mph, making it a fitting tribute to Barnato.

All four are destined for customers in continental Europe and the first one already has an owner. Here's hoping the new owners continue the tradition of racing trains.

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