Bentley Will Be Facepalming Itself After Seeing This Leaked 1:18 Model Of The Bentayga

This stuff can only happen in China.

The BentleyBentayga SUV is set to officially debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show inSeptember, but a 1:18 scale model of the vehicle has just leaked in China. Seriously.According to Car News China, automakers get Chinese toy makers to create modelsof new vehicles to give out to the media. Itlooks like the toy maker that was contracted to make this Bentayga couldn’tkeep it a secret. These aren’t the best pictures, but they’re an exactly modelof what the SUV will look like.

The headlights and grille look similar tothose found on the Flying Spur. There’s a lot of shiny chrome throughout the entirevehicle including on the doors, around the windows and on the rear bumper. There’s adouble sunroof and a wide D-pillar with chrome roof rails, which are predominantlyfor show and not for functionality.The large SUV isrumored to have three engines to choose from, including a 4.0-litertwin-turbocharged V8, 6.0-liter W12 and 4.2-liter turbocharged V8 diesel. Apparentlythe W12 will produce around 567 hp and make the Bentayga the fastest SUV in theworld. We’re not holding our breath over that but are happy to see thatBentley scrapped the EXP 9 F concept.

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