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Bentley Will Be Launching a Luxury Smartphone In October

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Average phone covered in expensive materials...awesome

Bentley has announced that it has teamed up with extravagant luxury phone maker, Vertu, in order to launch a "Bentley Phone," which should launch in October. The phone maker isn't new to the automotive world, as it was previously teamed with Ferrari. That venture produced the "Ti Ferrari" phone, which cost customers roughly $7,000. That's by no means the companies most expensive phone, with some of them coming in at over $300,000.

And what do you get for that money? Well, its pretty much all on the outside. The hardware is typical, running Android and in general, is not that special. However a main attraction is Vertu's concierge service, which connects owners to a 24hr service that is there to help with your every need; perfect for Bentley owners. Not a lot is known about the specifics on this model, but Bentley says it will have special features for current owners, as well as fans of the brand. There is no word yet as to the cost, but it's safe to say it won't be any cheaper than the Ferrari phone. However, it really is the perfect accessory to show everyone that you just have too much money.

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