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Bentley Will Never Be The Same Again By 2023

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What would the Bentley Boys think about this?

In today's world, it's vital for every new car to meet strict emissions standards. As the minimal requirements for gas mileage steadily go up, the need for electrification also increases. This doesn't necessarily mean internal combustion is dead (yet), but it does make crystal clear some level of battery assist is a must-have. No automaker is immune, no matter how expensive and luxury its cars may be. Take Bentley as a prime example. We already know it's working towards an all-electric model, though it's not expected to arrive until 2025. But a lot will happen between now and then for the legendary company.

Speaking with Roadshow, Chris Craft, Bentley's board member for sales and marketing, clarified the Bentayga Hybrid won't be the firm's only plug-in model for much longer. "We will bring out hybrid versions of all of our models by 2023," Craft confirmed.

Although he didn't go into detail, such as which model is next slated to get plug-in tech, or whether the new models will use the existing plug-in hybrid drivetrain or not, he did reiterate that 2025 EV deadline. "The next big focal point is to launch our first full electric car, which we will do by 2025." Question is, will Bentley's customers be open to electrification? Craft seems to think so. "Over 30% of luxury buyers are interested in electric cars," he added. "That will be a big part of our future."

Only last week, Bentley revealed its all-new Flying Spur, a 626 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque beast powered by a twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12. What would the upcoming plug-in hybrid variant be like, power wise?

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Well, let's use the Bentayga W12 versus the plug-in as an example. The W12 Speed variant has 626 hp and 664 lb-ft while the plug-in offers 456 hp and 516 lb-ft. Will that power loss be acceptable for Flying Spur buyers? What about Continental GT buyers? We doubt it, but remember, the Bentayga plug-in is only Bentley's first production vehicle attempt at electrification. Technology improves fairly rapidly these days.