Bentley's New Luxury Flagship Nears Production

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It takes 132 hours to lovingly craft a Bentayga Extended Wheelbase.

If you've got a penchant for ultra-luxury SUVs, you could do a lot worse than the Bentley Bentayga. Crewe's countryside marauder is near-perfect, with one of the finest cabins available on the market today. It's superb; something that can't be improved upon - unless you're Bentley, that is. The recently introduced Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (EWB, for short) is plusher still and, as the company prepares for production, Bentley has shared just how much work goes into crafting each and every example.

The luxury marque notes that each example is lovingly assembled over 132 hours, by a team of skilled craftspeople who have been specially trained to create the Bentayga EWB. The signature diamond quilting on the upholstery has been reimagined for the new model and is the result of hard work and attention to detail. Developed through the use of digital craftsmanship, the stitching creates a rather extraordinary illusion.

More impressive is the fact that Bentley has perforated the leather with holes smaller than 1 mm. Following this digitally controlled process, the diamond stitch is achieved by a special embroidery machine, replete with its own camera. This ensures a perfect finish.


The Bentayga EWB also ushers in something never before seen on a Bentley production car. To achieve a more delicate finish, Crewe's leather experts have used a finer thread and smaller micro-stitch to provide a softer, more accentuated quilting. In fact, the last time Bentley did this was for the EXP 100 GT concept car.

But what's an exclusive Bentley without its wood veneer? The automaker notes approximately 30% of Bentayga EWB customers specified open-pore wood trim with metal overlays. To ensure they're satisfied, the company's Wood Shop spends 10 hours on each wood set, with perilously slim margins for error. Tolerances are measured in tenths of a millimeter, as an example.

The use of metal overlays in the veneer is also a world first for series production and, like the leather, is created through a painstaking process. First, a stencil design is applied to the metal. Using a clever system that involves UV light exposure, only the inlay design is left behind. This process, known as photo-etching, ensures the utmost precision and there's very little risk of damage.


Another particularly appealing option comes in the form of Bentley's Diamond Illumination. This sophisticated piece of equipment uplifts the already wonderful ambiance, with 68 LEDs shining through 1mm perforations in the leather to create an elegant illumination effect. As you would expect, the color and intensity are customizable.

It's incredible to see a traditional brand such as Bentley employ cutting-edge technology in a segment steeped with tradition and doing things a certain way. However, by merging old customs and modern advancements, the company has been able to create something truly incredible. And with so much personalization on offer, no Bentayga EWB will ever be the same - there are 24 billion trim combinations alone.

Let's not forget that Bentley's Mulliner department is also available, should you require your Bentayga EWB to be even more special than the rest. There's also the Azure First Edition, which will only be available for the first 12 months of production. The EWB will make its first public appearance in September, at the UK's prestigious Southampton International Boat Show.

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