Benz Planning CLA Shooting Brake?

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Although it seems unlikely to make it to US shores, a potential CLA Shooting Brake does sound quite enticing.

It's been just a few months since Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new CLA-Class in Detroit, but already there's talk about a potential wagon version. According to a new report coming from WhatCar?, the German automaker's design chief, Gordon Wagener, confirmed that a CLA shooting brake is indeed in the works. Making reference to the larger CLS and its shooting brake offshoot, Wagener stated that "The CLA is a four-door coupe as well, so why not do it?"

However, the CLS shooting brake is not being sold in the US simply due to an overall lack of interest as wagons don't sell well anymore. Europe and other markets, however, are a different story altogether as wagons remain popular overseas. No official timetable was given, but a CLA shooting brake could be just a short time away - for Europe, at least.

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