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Benz Reveals CLA45 AMG for New PS4 Game

After announced the new Playstation 4, Mercedes-Benz dropped an image of the CLA45 AMG that will feature in a new driving game.

Coinciding with Sony’s formal announcement of the Playstation 4 at a special event in New York, Mercedes-Benz revealed that both the A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG would feature in Driveclub, a brand-new racing game for the console. While the high-performance A-Class has already been introduced, this is the first image, albeit a digital one, of the Affalterbach-molested CLA without wearing any camo.

Predictably, it looks a lot like the recently unveiled CLA250 save for a dual exhaust, trunk-mounted spoiler and five-spoke alloys. And we’ll only have to wait another few weeks before the car is finally introduced at the New York Auto Show where it will make its world premiere, before hitting US showrooms later in the year.

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