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Benz S-Class Revealed in 1:18 Scale

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Imagine this Mercedes-Benz S-Class eighteen times bigger and you've got a pretty good idea of what the real thing will look like. Only hopefully with smaller relative panel gaps.

There's any number of different ways we can see what a car will look like before it's released. Sometimes images leak out from the automaker itself, sometimes they come from a patent application, other times we catch glimpses of barely-disguised pre-production prototypes. This time we're getting another advance look at the upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class from a diecast model manufacturer, which often get access to blueprints and finalized images of upcoming new cars so that they can get their models ready for when the actual one hits.

It's up to companies like Norev (which is apparently responsible for this particular 1:18 scale model) to keep the design under wraps, but these have apparently leaked out anyway. While previous images seemed to depict the AMG performance version of the new S-Class (or at least one wearing an AMG body kit), these photos reveal what will likely be the more mainstream version. That much you can tell from the more rounded bumpers with smaller air intakes. One way or another, the full-size S-Class is scheduled to debut on May 15, so we've only got a week to go.

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