Bernie Ecclestone to Buy the Nurburgring?

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Could the F1 chief be the Nurburgring's saving grace?

With the future of the Nurburgring still very much in doubt, we reported just a couple of days ago that an unlikely savior may be coming to the track's rescue. Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, normally not a person known for charitable causes, recently announced that he'd do "what he can" in order to save the 'Ring. At the time, that meant he was willing to waive the F1 race sanctioning fee that will allow the sport to compete at the German track next year (he will keep all event revenues though).

However, a new report coming from Bloomberg Businessweek is now stating that Ecclestone is reportedly interested in buying the track entirely. In addition, Ecclestone has no intention of organizing an F1 race at the Nurburgring at his own expense. He's declined to comment any further regarding pricing or the possible deal's conditions. Hopefully we'll know more in the coming weeks because an arragement will need to be completed soon because of the track's mounting debts.

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