Bertone Faces Uncertain Future

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Things aren't sounding good for the Italian coachbuilder.

Bertone is one of Italy's best known and respected coachbuilders, employing some of the most famous names in automotive design such as Marcello Gandini, the man who designed both the Lamborghini Miura and Countach. While Bertone is still active today, coachbuilding concepts like the Aston Martin Rapide-based Jet 2+2, things aren't looking so good on the financial side. A new report claims that because Bertone hasn't received any recent orders while operating at a loss, bankruptcy looms.

The company has been in trouble for some time and it even created the Bertone Workshop subdivision in effort to attract wealthy clients for one-off models. Sadly that idea didn't pan out, and Bertone has reportedly been forced to sack ten interns and furlough 165 employees. Supposedly, an unnamed Turkish company is interested in buying Bertone for around $2.7 million, but any deal would need to be approved by an Italian judge. If that falls through, there's at least seven other Italian companies who'd also like to buy Bertone.

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