Best Car Stories Of 2015: Paul Walker Was Much More Than Just An Actor And A Gearhead


His legacy lives on through Reach Out WorldWide.

For the record, we know that we run a ton of Paul Walker pieces. We do so because you guys (our readers) seem to love them and because he was an awesome guy and gearhead. When it came time to start our "Best of 2015" series we knew there would be a Walker article somewhere in the mix, but we didn't know which one it would be. We ultimately decided to pick one on Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW), the charity formed by the actor in 2010 after he visited an earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

While there he noticed that, while resources and equipment to assist victims were available, the personnel needed to utilize them effectively sometimes was not. After reaching out to some friends for help, ROWW was born.

ROWW sends skilled first responders to natural disaster zones so that they can immediately begin providing on-the-ground support. That takes the stress off of local authorities and helps augment the reach of the aid providers already in the area. Eagle-eyed readers will note that this story isn't about cars, yet the title of this post is "Best Car Stories Of 2015." For us this story is worth a second mention because it is the perfect example of a car guy thinking of more than just himself and his garage. Walker seemed to have had it all: a successful acting career, a bunch of awesome vehicles and a daughter. However, he still felt the need to give back and try to make the world a better place than when he found it.

Simply put, life isn't all about driving cool cars. ROWW is still going strong more than two years after Walker's death. You can learn more about the organization or donate to it here.


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