Best Look Yet At The Near-Production-Ready Tesla Cybertruck

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A leaked video gives us insights into the upcoming truck.

We have been waiting patiently for the Tesla Cybertruck ever since it made an official debut in concept-guise during the company's event in November 2019. The highly anticipated product has been delayed numerous times since then, which dampening the enthusiasm of potential customers. This leaked set of images and a video of a near-production-ready example located at the company's Gigafactory in Texas provides a bit of hope.

Based on the images, we can see the overall Blade Runner-style aesthetic of the Cybertruck, which is something we were always certain about. However, several distinctive alterations have been made to make it more production-friendly. The changes are subtle and don't alter the final product too much from the concept which previewed it.

Cybertruck Owners Club
Cybertruck Owners Club

For the sake of safety and convenience, the Cybertruck now sports a set of door mirrors but interestingly, the pop-out door handles are no longer apparent. Those futuristic wheels have also been exchanged for a more conventional set of alloys. To keep the windshield clear during bad weather, a single massive wiper is fitted to the right side of the screen.

Thanks to the image depicting the viewers standing around the Cybertruck, we can also see that it is a little smaller than what some were expecting. Initial dimensions suggested that the product would be 231.7-inches long but here, it doesn't look that much larger than your average mid-size truck.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Rear View Tesla
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Side Perspective Driving Tesla

The walkaround video provides us with further highlights of the design. It may be due to the dark tint applied to the windshield but it also appears that the top lightbar is no longer visible as it doesn't illuminate with the headlight bar. Arguably the most important aspect of the Cybertruck is the bed, which we see is kitted out with a rubber lining with some equipment already tied down at the front. The tailgate retains its electrically automated functionalities as well, with its ability to transform into a ramp via lowering the rear air suspension.

The video acknowledges that the car seen here is still a prototype example but the new changes are likely to be applied to the final model. Production for this was initially supposed to commence late last year but after a recent update, we have learned that it will now only be ready for the streets sometime early in 2023. Together with this, we can also expect to see an even smaller model that will be offered as a compact electric truck.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Open Trunk Tesla
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving Tesla

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2022 Tesla Cybertruck Rear View
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Side Perspective Driving
2022 Tesla Cybertruck Open Trunk

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