Best of E3 Car Game Trailers

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The most anticipated video game trailers revealed for E3.

With the upcoming debut of the PS4 and the Xbox One, the already fiercely competitive world of car and racing video games looks poised to heat up. First up is a new Need for Speed game, which we already know will be followed next year by a feature-length film with a vaguely similar plot. In terms of pure, hardcore car porn, we would like to direct your attention to the GT6 "concept movie" (read as "long trailer") for what will be the latest installment in that franchise.

The latest in the Gran Turismo series seems as though it will be more or less what you'd expect, but that is in no way a bad thing. More cars, more realistic physics and more pretty. Lastly, we have a game which is slightly different from the other two. Based on the bit we've seen and the movies upon which it is based, Mad Max is likely to mix of driving and various other forms of action. It might not be all cars, but GT6 is unlikely to have a character in it called "The Humongous", so consider it a tradeoff.

With 1,200 cars and 71 tracks to choose from, if you can't find your dream car in GT6, we advise you to go back to playing Pole Position.

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If your fantasy is having the cops chase you after they bust your 100 million dollar drug deal (you need help) or you want to be Five-0, chasing down reckless speeding thugs but don't have the balls to put on a vest in real life, then Need For Speed Rivals is your $60 dream come true.

All Mad Max fans out there who want to feel part of the Post Apocalyptic Australian Wasteland without having to deal with a Mel Gibson on-set meltdown, Avalanche Studios has just the silicon you need.

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