Best Parking Spots... For Me To Poop On

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Birds of a feather do more than just flock together.

Believe it or not, in some cultures it is actually considered a sign of good luck if a bird craps on you. If that's the case the owners of these cars should immediately go buy some lottery tickets. Imagine the scenario, you park your car under a shady spot to escape the heat while running some errands. However, the tree you just parked under houses a flock of birds who think of your car as a New York City subway station toilet. The only luck we see these people having is the fact car washes exist.

The main purpose of this post is to give a chuckle and to stir up some surely interesting comments but also to drop some knowledge. A UK study of over 1,000 cars showed that red is the most inviting color for our feathered friends looking to drop a deuce. Blue came in second place while green turned out to be the least fecal friendly. More importantly to note is that bird turd has a strong alkali substance, that if left alone can damage a car's paint job , in turn, damaging your wallet. However, on average, most people do not clean up a bird's green apple splatters immediately after nature calls. They usually wait a week or two.

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