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Best Porsche Seat Designs Of All Time

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There have been some wacky seat designs over the years.

There's any number of reasons you might be into Porsches: the impeccable engineering, mind-blowing performance, unsurpassed racing pedigree.... You might not have counted interior upholstery among them, but Zuffenhausen has done some pretty cool stuff with the fabrics on the inside of its cars over the years. And that's just what it's focusing on in this latest video.

While most Porsches these days are probably being ordered with black leather cockpits, the Germans' offbeat exuberance has won out over their typical reserve on a handful of occasions in the past. And those unusual interior treatments have only added to the marque's lore.

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Take, for example, the candy stripes that adorned the inside of this 928 from 1983, framed in deep burgundy leather with Ferry Porsche's signature on the headrests. Or the white pinstripes on the maroon velour seats of this '89 911 Carrera 3.2.

Then there's the tartans, which remain the realm of (but haven't always been limited to) Volkswagen GTIs. This '74 911 Turbo features two types of the plaid fabric, commissioned by a painter named Louise who evidently wanted to show her creative flair more inside the car than out, where the bodywork was left in basic silver (save for the tartan-accented side graphics).

There's an original 901-type 911 from 1964 with houndstooth upholstery that'd look at least as much at home on a woman's scarf or man's suit as it does on the inside of a sports car. But it contrasts nicely with the wood trim and the red bodywork.

Pride of place, though, belongs to the checkered-flag motif inside this '81-vintage 911 SC Targa, where it's presented in a subdued blueish gray and black with a zany pattern. Don't take our word for it, though: watch Hollywood stylist Ilaria Urbinati join Porsche interior-design chief Ivo van Hulten and trim specialist Cornelia Rosenbohm run down the list in the six-minute video above.